The Hummingbird Dress

I'm so good at coming up with names, aren't I? Very creative! This is my easy, breezy, hummingbird dress. IMG_4784

And apparently I'm all about the short hemlines this summer, must have something to do with the heat we're having out in BC.


I am beginning to realize that all the ground in front of our house is on a slope (that or the tiles are sinking) and maybe it's not the best place for blog photos.


This dress is the Angie Dress by Sis Boom. It's quick and easy to sew up (great for a beginner), and it pops over your head so no finicky zips! Yay! It's got a small piece of elastic hidden in the back waistline - you can't see it as it's sewn into the seam allowance on the inside. It gathers up the skirt to make it a little more fitted and adds to the comfort level of the dress as it moves with your body when you sit down or bend, or whatever it is you like to do in a dress. Also, it has pockets!


I decided to finish this dress with store bought bias tape, and have it show for contrast. John suggested I add it to the hem of the skirt, so I did and I really like the finished product. This dress also has an included optional sash, which I decided to make too as it cinches in the waist just a little bit more, and I like the look of it.



I am thinking that a black sash would look really sharp as well, so I plan to make one soon too.


I really love the fabric of this dress. I don't usually wear grey, but I fell in love wither little colourful hummingbirds. I picked this fabric up in the quilting section of, you guessed it, Fabricland. It's a medium to light weight cotton and worked perfectly with this pattern.


John and I were goofing around, can you tell I'm having fun? I don't think this dress really goes with my brown clogs, but they were the best choice I had with me. It was brown clogs or beat up runners, so the clogs won out. Perhaps this could be an excuse to buy another pair in black?

Hmmmm...what else can I say about this dress? Oh, the pdf pattern was awesome! It was super easy to assemble and the instructions that came with it were extremely detailed and helpful. Lots of great pictures, and descriptions of techniques. This is a great, comfy, and easy to wear day dress, and I will definitely make it again.

Happy Sewing! (Or Cooking, Baking, Crafting, Knitting, Writing, Eating, Watching TV or whatever it is you like to do!)