Hiya! My name is Heather and I'm just a girl with a sewing machine sharing her makes and musings. I hope you find something here to inspire your own ideas and creativity, no matter what you like to do. I'm a self-taught amateur seamstress. I love books and "the Google", and I am constantly learning new things. I am a self-professed fabric junkie (and I have the ever-growing stash to prove it), a sewing addict, and a fierce lover of pugs. 

I have been blogging since 2007 using various platforms, and about various subjects, but have finally settled here at The Pug & Needle. Sounds a bit like an old pub, but I like that idea because in my mind, a pub is where one would go to maybe tell or hear a good story, eat some great food, and have a laugh. Sounds like my kind of place! You might also be wondering: well where did the name come from? Well the needle part is to symbolize sewing (obviously), and the pug part is a dedication to my little grumble (did you know a pack of pugs is called a grumble? The more you know). The hubs and I currently share our home with 3 senior pugs: Quincie, Shanny and Jackie Boy, and they are the apples of our eyes. We also have 3 grown boys, but they are all off at school, so we don't see them much.

I am happily Canadian, and I split my time between Calgary, Alberta, and Salmon Arm, British Columbia. My husband and I also love to travel, and we often find ourselves longing to go somewhere new and fabric shop experience new cultures.

The Grumble: Quincie, Shanny & Jackie Boy