The Rough Diamond Washi

Ah...yes, the rough diamond, not the diamond in the rough, as I seem to have way more washis than there are Aladdins in Akrabah. But anyway the point is I'm attempting to get more creative with my titles to lure you in. Do you feel lured? :) Not yet, how about with this weirdo come hither look: IMG_4723

I am not entirely sure what is going on in these pictures. I took them awhile ago (myself) and I seem to have some strange angles and facial expressions going one. Plus my dress is wrinkly from wearing it all day. It really is much better when John takes my photos, hooray for helpful husbands!


This is my favourite Washi so far, and I'm sure I've said that before, but this one really is. I actually addressed some fit issues in between this one, and the one I made before this. I once again used the Washi expansion pack and chose the curved peter pan collar and the normal curved sleeves. I also went with the elastic casing for the back, instead of the shirring. I found that this worked really well.


I think the elastic in the casing is a little bit stronger and cinches in the waist a bit more. I also haven't quite mastered shirring with elastic on my new Pfaff, so this was easier.  The bodice is also lined, and I loved Rae's crazy all in one lining and finishing method. Thank goodness for videos, because I'm not sure I could have done it without those. It's really cool and I need to figure out how to do it on other dress bodices too!


I lengthened the bodice by about an inch and now I think it hits in exactly the right place - it's amazing what such tiny amount of  seam movement can do. I also took about a half inch dart out of the neckline on either side, so now the collar and neckline lay flat  - unfortunately I forgot to make the collar smaller so it overlaps a little at the front, but you can hardly tell so I didn't bother unpicking it.

The fabric is from Fabricland out here in Salmon Arm. I think it's an apparel cotton and it was a dream to work with. The perfect weight. When I saw it, I really loved the colours, but the diamonds were actually meant to go horizontally. How weird is that? I didn't think that would make for a very flattering dress, so I cut my dress so the diamonds would be vertical. Luckily for me, I am short enough that it worked out and no one is the wiser. There are definite perks to being vertically challenged.


So there you have it, fourth Washi completed! Just seeing these pictures makes me want to make another one. What is it with this pattern? I actually think, I might pick apart and remake my Apple Washi, as it's a bit tight across the boobs and it has that weird neckline thing going on which I have now figured out, and I think I have enough fabric left over to remake the bodice too.

Are you addicted to any one piece of clothing? Or maybe a sewing pattern? Are you sick of the Washis yet?