The Sunflower Laurel

Okay guys, confession time - I bought fabric! I was trying to do The Summer Stashbust, but I just couldn't handle the restriction. All I could do was think about fabric shopping. I was looking at fabric online, filling up virtual carts, looking at crazy patterns I would normally never buy.  I was having nightmares, tossing and turning, and all I could do was think of fabric - must have more fabric, must have more..... My pulse would increase and my knees would weaken every time I saw my dwindling stash (who am I kidding, my stash is pretty huge for only sewing for 7 months). Okay so that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I kept wanting to make projects that I just didn't have the appropriate fabric for, so I cracked. John said it isn't really cheating, because he bought the fabric (and came to Fabricland and picked a bunch out with me). But my indiscretion was gnawing at me, so I felt that I needed to come clean. Funnily enough, as soon as I allowed myself to buy - I didn't feel the intense need to hoard anymore. Apparently I don't do well with restriction! Anyway, on to the dress. This is a summery short-sleeved little shift dress called Laurel by Colette Patterns. This pattern was the first dress pattern I ever made, and I would show you the dress, but it literally fell a part at the seams. I'm not sure what happened, I blame cheap fabric, but nonetheless, here is my successful version (which hasn't fallen apart yet).


I love this dress! It's light and super easy to wear, perfect for summer! Plus it's colourful and has kind of a tie-dyed, hippy vibe going on. The fabric is from the aforementioned trip to Fabricland and it's a little stiff, but I am hoping it will soften up with more washes and wears.



I am not thrilled with the neckline, and I might unpick it and redo. I didn't have the exact right bias tape and I thought what I had would do, but in looking at these pics, I'm not so sure. But I am thrilled with my invisible zip - you can't even see it at all!


I really need to come up with some more interesting poses. John's taking my photos for me now by the way. My neckline isn't really that gapey, I think it's just from the stiff fabric lifting up the dress with my ridiculous pose.

This was a super easy dress to make, hello instant gratification and I am super happy with it. It's unlined so it's light and airy and summer (so it qualifies for the Summer Sundress Sewalong - at least I am making good on one challenge). It may be a pinch too short. It looks fine when I am standing up straight, but I have to be very careful if I drop something, or when getting into the car. Maybe I should just make myself some matching undies LOL.

Are you wearing sundresses this summer or are you more of a shorts person? Either way I hope you are enjoying your summer!