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I really love this pattern. I made a long-sleeve version a few months ago and it turned out really great. My only problem is I keep making mistakes. On my first one, I decided after it was completed that it was too long. So I had this great idea to just eye-ball it and cut off 3 inches. Well I did that, then reattached the bottom band and it was way too short. I loved it so much that I wore it a ton anyway. The fabric I made my first one out of was a super luxurious cotton spandex jersey from Girl Charlee (one of my favourite online shops to buy knits). This one is made out the same type of knit from Girl Charlee, just in a different colour. I love the rich purple! IMG_4433


IMG_4435I feel like a bit of a dork while I take these pictures, so I decided to just go with it, and dork right out. LOL

So while I don't think this one looks too bad, I made a pretty major mistake, I used the wrong cuffs! DOH! I was wondering why they were so hard to attach!! I used the cuff for the long-sleeve version which are a little wider (deeper?) but are meant to go around your wrist, not your bicep. Thank goodness for stretchy fabric. Do you think it looks okay?


This one is a little bit roomy and I like it that way. I used my Serger to put it all together, so I didn't strictly follow the 5/8's seam allowance. If I had, it would probably be a bit more fitted. The fabric is really nice, but it's a little bit heavier than regular t-shirt material. It's perfect for transitioning into summer and I imagine it will be perfect for fall too. While my mistake with the cuffs really cheeses me off, I am sure it will still get lots of wear.

I am really liking that I am sewing pieces that will get lots of wear. I have made a number of dresses, that I love, but sometimes you just want to throw on a t-shirt and jeans. What are your go to/staple pieces in your closet?