Helen's Closet Blackwood Cardigan

Hello Everybody1 I'm back with a post that I should have written weeks ago, but you know what they say, better late than never right? This is the latest pattern from Helen of Helen's Closet: the Blackwood Cardigan. I was lucky enough to be part of Helen's tester group this go around, and I've been wearing this bad boy a ton since I made it back in January.

This cardigan is close fitting, with long sleeves to keep you nice an cozy. It comes in two versions, a long (about mid-thigh length) and a short (which hits around your high hip). It's super quick to whip up (especially if you have a serger) and it is sure to be a  wardrobe staple. When Helen sent me an email with the design, I just knew I had to have it. This cardigan is exactly what I'm missing in my wardrobe.

When Helen first emailed me the design, I just knew I had to have it. This cardigan is exactly what I've been missing in my wardrobe. I know that oversize and boxy, seems to be the trend lately, but when you live in a cooler climate and have to throw a winter coat over whatever you're wearing, close fitting can be more practical. Plus, I'm short and a a bit boxy myself, so I like a bit more shape to my garments. I also find that when it's cold, I want to feel snuggled, and a more close fitting garment does that for me.

Based on my measurements, I chose a size L. I decided to make the longer version (view A) first, but I knew it was going to be way too long, so I shortened it by 4 inches. I also shortened the sleeves by 3". I'm super happy with how the length turned out.  The sleeves are meant to be on the longer side to help keep your hands warm, but also so you can hold on to them when you put your coat on over it. I think this is genius. I hate when my sleeves get all bunched up inside my jacket. 

The only trouble I had with sewing this cardigan was sewing those pockets on without them going all wonky. I must have unpicked that first one 3 times!! Then someone in the test group mentioned stabilizing the pocket with wonder tape or steam-a-seam, and it worked perfectly. Why didn't I think of that?? (You can also use tissue paper, and Helen has now included how to do that in the instructions). Anyway, I still had to sew carefully, but I know if I had done that in the first place I would have avoided A LOT of unpicking. Other than that, this cardigan sewed up super quickly, and is definitely an instant gratification project. I love those, especially in between more intense projects. 

I should also mention that the pdf went together super quick, and the instructions are awesome. Helen's graphics are fantastic, and she also has lots of great little tips included too.

The fabric I used for this version, is an amazing sweater knit from Blackbird Fabrics. It's a rayon-cotton-modal blend, and it's so soft and so cozy! It's a medium weight, but it really feels like a sweater. Sometimes you get sweater knits and they're thin, but this stuff is really nice. And guess what, it's just been restocked. How's that for timing? I don't think this colour (Ivy) is available any longer, but there is still black,  mellow mauve (I love that name), dusk (which is like a dark navy) and steel grey.

Anyway, it feels good to have this post written, phew! I don't know what it is, but I've just not been into blogging lately. I'm definitely still into sewing, but blogging always seems to be waaaaay back on the very back burner. LOL. And I've been really awful with reading other people's blogs too. Ugh! Anyway, I have also made the shorter version of this cardigan but I haven't properly photographed that one yet. Hopefully I'll get around to that soon. I hope you guys are staying warm!