More Archers!!

Hey Everybody!! How are you all? I'm doing pretty well, but I'm cold!! This winter is going on forever! When will it warm up?!?! Anyway, I thought I'd do another quick and dirty post to show you my latest Archers. The Archer pattern is definitely a TNT for me, and I wear them all the time!! Sewing a button down shirt is so satisfying and even more so, when it fits!! I'll post the details at the bottom, and again if you have questions for me, or if I left anything out, don't hesitate to ask.

The deets:

  • started with a size 6
  • did a 1" FBA (for 2" total)
  • shortened the sleeves by 1.5" and used tower plackets from the Popover Variation Pack
  • I usually shorten the body too, but this time I didn't. I'm digging longer lengths lately

The fabric:

  1. The Eiffel Tower fabric is from Sew Over It (and they still have it). I think it's actually more of a quilting/craft cotton but it worked perfectly for this shirt.
  2. This is a Liberty Tana Lawn from Shaukat. I believe it's called Picardie B. It's kind of funny, when I was trying to find the name of the fabric I discovered someone else made almost exactly the same shirt, except she went with the ruffle butt version. Great minds think alike I guess. ;)
  3. This one is made from scraps of the Liberty one, with some gorgeous tencel denim from Blackbird Fabrics. I think it's sold out now, but they do have some nice chambray instock. Or if you have your heart set on tencel denim I think Stylemaker Fabrics has some similar here and here, and Threadbare Fabrics has this gorgeous one in stock too (it's lighter in colour and weight than what I used but still beautiful and perfect for summer).

Told you it would be quick! I hope you're all doing well! 

PS: I just realized I have different glasses on in each group of photos. I took the photos on different days, anyway, my glasses are all internet cheapies from if you're interested. I like having a bit of a glasses selection, and also being able to try some trends without having to commit. ;) I've said this before haven't I? I'm getting old guys, I'm getting old. Ha ha ha!