The White Jeans Experiment - Another pair of Morgans

Ola people! How are you? I'm coming at you with some more Morgan jeans! I actually took these photos quite a while ago, but then never got around to actually writing the words to go with them.

 I don't have much new to say about this pattern, as I've made it a couple of times before (see here and here), so I'll keep this fairly short and sweet. This is the size 12 again, and this time I used a denim with more stretch in it. This denim is beautiful, but probably more suited to the Ginger pattern stretch wise, but I've never let that stop me before. Ha! After basting them together I ended up taking them in a little at the side seams, but not much as I really wanted to retain the relaxed fit.

My only regret fit wise, is that I wish I would have scooped the back crotch curve out a little more. It's so hard fitting the back of your jeans by yourself. Since I made this pair, I've discovered the best way to check out the back of your jeans on your own is to take videos with your cell phone. It helps so much and is a bit easier than trying to get a still photo. Plus, you can see how they look as you move around a little. Check out my instagram video here (yes, I videotaped my butt and put in on the internet. Ha ha! But it's for the benefit of sewing!).

See the fit isn't too bad. Perhaps I'm just right on trend.

Okay, so let's talk a little about the denim. This is actually a "natural" coloured denim that I ordered from Threadbare Fabrics, and bleached to a nice bright white. I really liked the natural colour, but I had it in  my head that I needed white Morgan jeans. This denim is a 10.5 oz Cone Mills denim which is really the perfect jeans weight, in my opinion. I have some more that I plan on dying but I haven't quite decided on what colour yet. And to be honest, I'm a little intimidated by actually dying something. I'm sure I'll make a huge mess so I'll probably wait till we're back in Calgary this winter because everything in our Calgary kitchen is much darker. LOL

Anyway, first of all, I washed the denim, ironed it, and then I cut out all my pieces. Then I tossed the cut out pieces in a bucket with bleach. I used 8 litres of water, with 8 cups of bleach (I was careful to measure so that I can do this again if I want to). I left the pieces in for about 10 minutes, rinsed them with tap water, and then hung them to dry. I'm really happy with the colour - it's a nice bright white.

Sorry, I know it's a bit hard to see because of the lighting in my photos, but the denim turned a beautiful bright white.

I used a white topstitching thread which looks really good, but was super hard to work with. Only because it was sooo hard to see.  When I do my topstitching, I usually use my first line as a guide for stitching the second line, and that's hard to do when you can't see the first line.  But I went really slowly, and in the end it worked out.

I also decided to spice things up a little and make my bartacks using a deep red thread. I really love how the contrast worked out. I'm thinking it was a bit inspired by the Olympics as I was watching a lot of the Summer games while I was making these. I actually really loved the American Team's Opening Ceremony outfits (more than the Canadian Team's - don't tell anyone I said that though).

Anyway, I wore these a lot this summer, and I loved pairing them with my striped boat neck Lark Tee for a nautical look. I'm not sure how much I'll wear them in the colder months, as they just feel summery. 

Phew, it feels really good to have this post written and out of my drafts.  Have you made, or worn white jeans? Would you dare to wear them past labour day? 😜