The Brumby Skirt

Or shall we call it the frumpy skirt? I truly have mixed feelings about this one. Part of me loves the midi length, and part of me thinks it makes me look super short and frumpy. Anyway, I made this skirt a number of weeks ago now, and I haven't worn it once, well except for these photos. I keep meaning to put it back on, but I never seem to reach for it.

I think part of it is the length. I have really wanted to try a midi length for quite some time but Lisa's really pushed me over the edge (although she is quite a bit taller than me, I think). I had dreams of swooshing around in a lovely 90s-ish floral skirt, but that hasn't really happened.

But the other part of it, is that I struggle with what to wear with it. I think it looks okay with a tank top, and maybe I should try it with a Nettie, but I was hoping for something a little more polished looking. I have dreams of a white sleeveless button up shirt, but that might be too bulky to be tucked in. I was also playing with the idea of a cropped top as this skirt is so high-waisted.

I think the fit is pretty good. I went with the largest size based on my waist size. It looks really good from the front but I am getting this weird bunching with the back waistband and it does not create the most flattering rear view. This isnt' the greatest shot, but I think you get the idea. Is this a fit issue, or is it just one of those I'm squishy issues? I'm wondering if there is an adjustment I need to make to make it sit straighter. Maybe the waistband is just a little too wide for my torso?

Anyway, let's talk about the pattern. It's Megan Nielsen's Brumby skirt and it's a great pattern! The pdf went together quickly and easily, and I used her new app for step by step instructions. The app is free and it's so cool! Plus it saves all your Megan Nielsen patterns in one place. I really love all of the details on the skirt - the large pockets, the front centre seam, the cool exposed zip which I didn't really get a photo of with the finished skirt, but here's a photo of it just after I inserted it:

Megan's instructions for the exposed zip are awesome and she even has a more detailed tutorial on her blog. I will definitely refer to her post any time I want to do an exposed zip. I think it's a pretty interesting little detail that you can add to lots of different patterns. This skirt would work well with an invisible zip too, if an exposed one is not your thing, or you if want a dressier vibe. 

This skirt came together quite quickly. I think the trickiest part for me was working with a slightly shifty fabric again. Practice, practice, practice! That's what I keep telling myself. This lovely floral is another mystery fabric (probably a poly) from Walthamstow Market on our last London trip. The other good thing about this skirt pattern, is that it appears to work with pretty much any type of fabric. I think I'm going to try the shorter version in denim or chambray for the fall and winter. I think I would probably get a lot more wear out of the shorter version and I'm debating shortening this skirt too. 

And a Megan Nielsen Brumby skirt post wouldn't be complete without a Maker tee shot too. I loved the Maker tee/Brumby skirt shots of the model, but I'm not sure it looks quite as good on me. But I do love the t-shirt. So comfy and it fits great! Plus it supports a great cause -you should really check it out, if you haven't already.

So there you have it. I have a huge back log of projects to blog so it feels really good to have this post finished! I seem to be making tons of time to sew, but no time to blog. Oh priorities! 

 Have you tried a midi-length skirt?