The Jalie Dolman Tops

So I decided that my me-made wardrobe is lacking in basics. I really need t-shirts (and shirts in general) so enter the Jalie Dolman Tops (a pattern I ordered a while ago, but then completely forgot about). I generally like the look of Jalie patterns and I've made the raglan tops/tunic before which turned out really well, and they're Canadian so that' great too! These were super quick and easy to make, and I am totally digging the high- low hem. I chose my size based on my bust size, shortened it by 2 inches and away I went. I made a wearable muslin out of a super cheap knit I bought somewhere - it's pretty got pretty colours but not it's very high quality. I think I bought it on Goldhawk Road, but I'm not 100% sure. In person, the purple stripe is like a tissue, see-through knit, and the blue stripe is a heavier opaque knit - it's weird. But I'll probably still wear it. IMG_5201


The fit was not bad, but I thought it was a little big, and so did John, so I went down two sizes and made this one.


This one is made out of a gorgeous rayon knit I got from Wanderlust Fabrics. It's so soft and has a nice drape.


I love that high-low hem. I think this size fits much better. What do you think?


After the floral one, I was hooked. I find with t-shirts, especially ones without set in sleeves, that once you have the pattern traced, it takes no time at all to whip them out. So, I decided to try a long-sleeve one, and I'm really not in love with it. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I cut the sleeves (I probably wasn't thinking at all), but I feel like I look like a circus tent.


I feel like John took a hundred pictures of me, but none of them turned out overly well. I had attempted to take photos of myself without a tripod on the balcony, but they were terrible! Anyway, these two were the best of this top. The fabric is lovely. It's a bit thin, and it doesn't have a ton of stretch, but it's super soft and I am happy with it for a t-shirt. It came from Girl Charlee. I truly have mixed feelings about Girl Charlee. I always find the fabrics to be not quite as described when I finally get them into my hot little hands, and I'm usually disappointed when I first go through my order. But then I end up using them anyway, and am pretty much always happy with the garment. It's weird. It's not always the case. I do have a few fabrics from there that were god awful before and after I sewed with them, but most of the time, once I sew them up, I'm happy (and I get lots of compliments).


I am usually a stripes girl, but this top is my least favourite of the bunch. I'll probably chop off the sleeves and then maybe I'll like it more. I was originally planning a Grainline Hemlock tee out of this fabric so that could be the problem too - it's just not what I visualized.

The next two are my favourites. Why make one color- blocked tee, when you can make two? Both fabrics are from, you guessed it: Girl Charlee . They are both a cotton spandex knit that I have ordered twice before and been consistently happy with. It only seems to come in solid colours, but it's spongy and stretchy and it's lovely to wear. I have a long-sleeve plantain out of it, and also a long-sleeve renfrew out of it that I really like. And my contest winning Hudson's are made out of it too. Plus, I love love love this Jungle Green, it looks exactly as it was represented online. Yay!




I'm not sure what's going on with the fabric in this ˆ picture - I think it's just wrinkly from sitting in the cupboard.


So after I made these, I started reading about t-shirt fitting and full bust adjustments. I have never done an FBA, and according to what I've read, I'm kind of borderline for needing it. There is about a 2.5 inch difference between my bust and high bust measurement and my waist measurement is usually in a bigger size than my bust - what can I say I have a fat belly and weird proportions. Anyway, I am looking for a bit of advice. Do you think that this size looks right? Should I be choosing a size based on my high bust and then doing an FBA? Also any advice for rippling? Check out that ripply hem - is that something I'm doing wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

So now I have all these lovely t-shirts and we come home to Calgary, and it's freezing. Okay freezing might be a bit of an exaggeration but it's cold and rainy and John even has the fireplace on. It's crazy! Plus there was snow in parts of the province - what up with that?!?! I'm not ready for winter. I still want to make more Alder Shirtdresses! Have you started planning your Fall/Winter sewing yet?

Hope it's warm where you are!