The Out and About Dress(es)

I was going through my closet the other day and stumbled upon 2 little gems that I made back in February, and I thought, Hey, these are so cute, why don't I blog about them! So here we are the Sew Caroline Out and About Dresses (why is it that I seem to make at least 2 of everything?).

IMG_4745I'm also wearing my new Lotta from Stockholm clogs which I am super in love with - John is not the biggest fan, but I LOVE them! (And I've decided that they go with everything, so expect to see them a lot.)

IMG_4748Look at those white legs!!



I made both of these dresses out of fabric I got from my first Girl Charlee order and with both of them I was a little surprised (and disappointed) at how thin the fabrics were, but they are both soft and have cute prints, so I went for it, and I thought they would go great with leggings. I think that's why I kind of forgot about them, in my mind they are winter dresses. But in actuality they are the perfect summer weight.





John took these photos for me so no remote! Yay! I do have some silly faces going on though. I'm lucky to have such a supportive husband - he really has been super supportive of my new obsession hobby: listening to me ramble on, giving me fit advice, fabric shopping etc.  And the pugs had to join in the fun too. Check out that massive Jackie Boy yawn in the picture above.

IMG_4767Goofy action shot!

I think this was my second ever knit project and my second experience with a pdf pattern. The pattern was great, as were the instructions and this was a really simple sew. It took me about one afternoon of sewing for each one. I also learned a trick to gather the skirt using my serger/overlocker. All you do is set the needle tension to about 8 and the differential speed to 2 and voila - a perfect gathered skirt. Super easy!

I think that's all I have to say about that. Trying on these knit dresses again, makes me really excited to try the Colette Moneta pattern too. Knit dresses are so comfy - it's like wearing dressy pyjamas! I hope it's nice and warm where you are.

Happy Sewing!