I Made Shorts!!

I know, right? I can hardly believe it myself! I made shorts and they even fit!

IMG_4739My goodness, do I look fine in photos. That girl can pose. LOL

IMG_4742Stop you're blinding me with your white legs - please...noooooo.....

IMG_4743Can you tell, John is taking these pictures and I am having too much fun?

Okay, but seriously, down to business. These are the Juba Shorts by Imagine Gnats. When I first saw this pattern hit the net, I thought, oh what a cute pair of pyjama shorts. And then I thought, not for me, I have too much lounge wear already (and plans for more). But then I saw some other versions cropping up, and Rachel posted a couple of pocket tutorials on her blog, and I thought, I could make these and wear them out of the house! And I could make them the right length and they might actually look good on me. And it soooooo hot right now. (Side note: I have struggled with shorts FOREVER! Every time I try some on they just don't look right, and John crinkles his nose and says, maybe shorts just aren't right for you. At first I thought it was just John being hyper-honest, but then I took the boys shopping with me too, and they said the same thing. I don't know what it is, maybe a proportional thing.)

Anyway, I am super happy with how this pair turned out. I used a super cheap, supposed to be cotton, but I think it's polyester, fabric from Denver Fabrics. And while the fabric is kind of rough and scratchy, they turned out so well (and the polka dots are so cute) that I have been wearing them. They're a teensy bit big in the waist, but I think that might be from my choice of tricot elastic (you don't always know until you try right?). It seemed like a good idea at the time.... Anyway, of course I had to make a second pair. And they turned out even better (if I do say so myself).

IMG_4727This would be a pretty typical Summer House outfit for me. Sorry for the old t-shirt, but it's one of my favs. I got it at Lucky Brand in Montreal back in 2009 just after John and I got married. I don't know why I love it so much. I think that it's just soft and comfy and it fits well - maybe I need to figure out how to copy it......

IMG_4728And check out those cute shoes. They have little anchors on them, and when I saw them at Walmart for $12, I couldn't resist!



For the second pair, I used a super soft and lightweight cotton twill from the clearance department at Fabricland. I am super happy with how they turned out. A cute casual short. The awesome thing about this pattern, is that it is simple and comfy, and endlessly customizable. I have plans to make another pair with side seam pockets and I am even playing with the idea of trying welt pockets for the back - but welt pockets kind of scare me.

Anyway, how's your summer going so far? Do you wear shorts, or are they on your no no list too?