Alder the Second

Ba da da da.....(prepare yourself for some super sunny pics, super white legs and silly, derp faces, oh and pug butts.)! IMG_5011


This is my second attempt at Grainline Studio's Alder Shirtdress, and this time I am in love. While I really liked the purple chambray, it was not what I had envisioned for this dress. I had always intended the chambray to be a wearable muslin/practice garment, and this lovely cotton paisley to be the actual dress.


I made a straight size 14 (gasp! now you know my size), with no alterations except to shorten the pattern by 2.5 inches (I think that we have already discussed that I'm short!). I am really happy with the length and I think it's closer to the length it's meant to be. I apologize for the super sunny photos, but I have been very anxious to get this bad boy blogged about.


What do you guys think about the fit? I think it fits how it should although it's a touch wide at the hips for me, but then my stepmom (who is staying with us right now and knows nothing about sewing I might add) said it's too wide in the shoulders for me. I think she's out to lunch but I can't help but second guess myself.


What do you think of my new sneakers? John is not sure they go, but I feel super hip wearing them with this dress, and they make this outfit feel casual and much more me (as much as I'd love to be, I am just not a heels girl except for my clogs and some low heeled boots). I think I also feel like I am breaking some kind of rule about only wearing dress shoes with dresses. What can I say, I'm a fashion rebel. There is one picture at the bottom of this post with me wearing my black flats with this dress and they look good too, but I love my sneakers! Am I crazy?

I am super in love with the paisley pattern on this light cotton. I wish I could tell you more about the fabric, but I don't know much else about it. I picked it up on Goldhawk Road when we were in London in the spring because both John and I were attracted to the colours (Yup, I have the best husband ever, not only does he come fabric shopping with me, he picks fabric out for me too!). It presses really well and was super easy to sew with.


I wasn't sure what colour of buttons to use, but John suggested a rust or bronze colour (he's so good), so off to Fabricland I went. I ended up with these metallic orange buttons, and I think the look really great. Turns out there are perks to being short: you need less buttons (I only needed 8) and of course less fabric.


This time I used Andrea's collar method, and it was so much easier/better looking than the traditional method. I was following along with the Alder Sew-a-long, but I got impatient, jumped ahead and finished this dress. It really did help with the button bands thought (I wasn't sure if I made them right on my first go) and I made sure to carefully mark my pocket placement before sewing the darts this time so everything went much smoother. I am looking forward to seeing how the variations Jen mentioned at the beginning of the sew-a-long are done, because I am now really happy with this dress and want to make more. I think John is even coming around.

So that's it. I am taking a break from Alders to make some t-shirts. I have discovered that my Me-Made wardrobe is bursting with dresses, but lacking basics, so I want to get a few of those made. I love dresses, but sometimes I just want a t-shirt and jeans.

What are you up to this weekend?