WHS - A Kimono Tee and More Leggings!

I know, I know...how many pairs of crazy leggings could one girl need? Well a lot apparently. Now that I have this pattern all figured out, and it's super simple, I have to make it! I'm a bit of monster about it really. So I used what was left of my Renfrew and made purple leggings. My best pair yet, I think. I am really proud of my sewing on this pair. I used my double needle to do the hemming and top-stitching and I think it turned out really nicely. IMG_4351




The other lovely thing I made, is another freebie! The Kristen Kimono tee by MariaDenmark. This t-shirt was super easy and I actually love the fit. I was a little bit skeptical as I thought it might be a little tight for me around the belly, but it's not. It's just right.


This pattern is a downloadable PDF, and it super easy to assemble. There are only two pattern pieces and a neck binding - super easy! To be honest, I don't really love the neck binding - I think when I make this top again, I will just turn it under for a cleaner finish.


The fabric I used for this guy, is more mystery jersey knit from Fabricland. It was part of the buy 1 metre, get 3 free deal, so I still have a couple of metres left, which is awesome because it is super soft and I love the colour. And because I know you are dying to see what my purple leggings look like on, and more of my awkward selfies: Ta Da!



Ooooo, shiny bum! I can't really decide if I am a leggings as pants kind of girl. Definitely, when I am lounging around the house I am, but in public? I'm really not sure, maybe if I was 20 years younger. Some of my skinny jeans/jeggings I own are probably just as tight, but they are of a much weightier fabric.  With leggings I feel the need to have my butt covered, so usually in public that would mean a long tunic top or a dress. What do you think?


What can I say, I am starting to have fun with it! (The camera that is.)

Happy sewing!