Burnside Bibs

Heeeellllooooooo Everyone!! How are you? So that was a blogging hiatus I didn’t really mean to take. But nonetheless, I am back, and with brand new pair of overalls to boot. These are the Burnside Bibs by Sew House 7. I’ve been eyeing this pattern since it came out, but was never sure if this style would work on me. After a lot of thought about overalls, I decided it was silly not to make myself some.


I have always been worried that overalls would make me look frumpy and childish, and yet I kept pining after them (not to mention collecting overall and dungaree patterns). So last year I finally bit the bullet and made myself some Roberts Collection dungarees, and I loved them so much I made 2 more sets (see here, here and here). And I have been steadily working through my collection of overall patterns ever since. I just love them! They make me feel good. I don’t get it really, maybe it’s because I had some amazing denim overalls that I wore all the time when I was in my very late teens/early twenties that I adored, and that I remember wearing in a lot of great memories. I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’m embracing it.

Anyway, back to the Burnside Bibs. This is a great pattern that comes with two bib options (a curved one and a straight one), two leg length options, and two fit options, one with a more fitted waist and an invisible zip (which is the version I made) or one with a more paperbag waist. I think these are quite a fashionable, almost sophisticated version of overalls, and they kind of have that chic art teacher vibe (which I love). The instructions included with this pattern were very thorough and clear (as long as you actually read them LOL), and the pdf went together smoothly.


I decided to go with version 1, with the curved bib and a cropped leg. Unfortunately, I misread the instructions and chose my size based solely on my hip measurement. Turns out, that is the direction for picking a size for version 2 (the looser waist version). So, I went with a size 10, when really, I probably should have taken my waist size into account and went with a size 12. Luckily, the seam allowance is 5/8”, so I was able to let the seam allowances out a little and get some extra room. They fit pretty well albeit a little snug around the belly, but if I make them again I will definitely go with a size 12. I also left out the invisible zip, because I let the side seams out so much, there really wasn’t enough seam allowance left to have a securely installed zip. That being said, I can JUST get these over my hips, which makes for interesting bathroom breaks. LOL. The invisible zip probably would have made things easier there. Ha!


I cut out the cropped view, and made no adjustments whatsoever, so I think the fit is pretty darn good. I wasn’t sure exactly where the cropped leg of the pant should land, so I took to instagram for advice. The general consensus was to have the cropped hem hit about 1 inch above the ankle bone. So that is what I went with and I am pretty happy. This required me cutting 2 inches off the bottom of the hem, so I’ll make that adjustment to the pattern piece next time. I think anywhere from 1 - 3 inches above the ankle bone is the right answer for crops, it’s just down to personal preference. I wore these for a full day and am quite happy with the length. I always like having a little ankle cleavage.

These are also giving me hope that I might actually be able to pull off the cult status pattern: the Persephone Pants. I sooooo want to make those, but I’m so worried they’ll look more clownish than fashionable on my short legs. LOL. But you gotta try, and I find as I get older, I’m more likely to embrace styles that I like, even if other people don’t think they look “flattering”. How do you feel about that? Do you wear styles that aren’t traditionally flattering? The Hubs does not like these at all. He’s warmed up to my other overalls, but he is not a fan of these at all. I think it might be the wide legs.

I’m also not 100% sure what tops to style these with but I think tanks will be great for summer (this little striped number is a Greenwood Tank).


Oh, I should also mention the fabric. This fabric is quite special because I bought it at the now closed Fabric Store in LA , when I went to meet Katie a couple years ago (the Fabric Store is still online and in Australia, but they closed their LA location). I got this and another piece of linen which I have been hoarding in my stash. It feels really good to get something made with it, and now every time I wear these I’ll think of Katie and that trip. Yay!

I should also mention, I felt motivated to sew these Burnside Bibs because of my friends Heidi, Meg, Teri, and Jessamy, and the #sewbibs challenge they put together. This is the last week, so I’m just squeaking in, but I had a lot of fun following along on Instagram. So much inspiration!

Anyway, hope you’re all well, and thanks for reading!