True Bias Lodo Dress

Oh my goodness people!! What happened to me? In my last post, I was all, oh yeah, I'm gonna catch up with my blog. I had all these photos ready, and then....I disappeared. Well not completely, I'm always lurking around on Instagram. Ha ha!! Anyway, my poor neglected blog. So let's catch up! I was a tester for the True Bias Lodo dress back in March. Was it really that long ago?? Oh my gosh!!

Anyway, I want to keep this catch up post short and sweet, so here we go. I made view B (the short version) in a size 12 and shortened it at the hem by 3 inches. I used a mystery Ponte fabric which I believe came from my local Fabricland.

What can I say? This is another great pattern from Kelli of True Bias! The instructions are detailed as always, and while it's a knit dress, it has woven facings. The knit this patten calls for, is quite stable, so the woven facings work really well/ Plus they are easy to sew and a great way to use up scraps. I'm sure you all have see this pattern popping up a ton over the summer on Instagram. It's quick and easy to sew, and super easy to wear too. 

Honestly, I wasn't 100% sold on it being my style, but after wearing it a ton over the summer, I was convinced. I have plans to make a couple more, and GASP I might even try the 3/4 length version. ;)

Okay, there we go first catch up post done, now onto the next!