Hey June Cheyenne

Hey Everybody! I'm back with some more old photos, and some seemingly old makes. I guess they're not that old, but January for the jeans, and April for the shirt seems like sooooo long ago.

So I've already talked about the jeans, but I'll go over the details of these ones quickly. These are the Itch to Stitch Liana Stretch jeans again with the skinny leg in a size 8.  I didn't make any alterations to these ones, except to change the back pocket. I stole the pocket piece out of my Angela Wolfe Angel Jeans pattern, as I really like that pocket (it's a bit bigger that the Liana jean pocket). This black denim came from Threadbare Fabrics, and unfortunately it's sold out. It's a really nice denim, and probably the blackest denim, I've sewn with yet. So there you go, those are the jeans. ;)

Now, onto the Hey June Cheyenne Tunic. After my great succes with the Halifax Hoodie pattern, I was anxious to try the Cheyenne Tunic. This pattern comes with two veiws, but as you probably know, I'm a sucker for a collared shirt, so I went for the traditional view A.

Based on the size chart I fall into a size Large, but I thought based on the finished measurements, that might be a bit too big/oversized for me. So I compared the pieces to my Sewaholic Granville pieces and decided the Medium would be fine, and I was right. I think the large would have definitely been to big in the shoulders.

I ended up shortening the sleeves by 2', but I left the body at the regular length. This length is perfect for tucking in, but I think next time I might make it slightly shorter if I want to leave it untucked.

I'm super happy with how this shirt turned out. The pattern instructions are fantastic, and if you've never made a button up shirt before, this would be a fantastic pattern to start with. This flannel fabric is also from Threadbare Fabrics, and I just love it. The only thing to be aware of, is that it shrinks!! ALL flannel shrinks, so it would be a good idea to give it a couple of runs through the washer and a hot dryer before you sew.

I love the pockets and cuffs on this pattern, and the tower placket on the sleeve is great! It's also worth noting that the collar on this shirt is quite a bit bigger than the Grainline Archer or the Sewaholic Granville. I actually quite like it, but it took a bit of getting used to. ;) I think the fit is right in between the Granville and Archer. The Archer is quite boxy, while the Granville is quite fitted, so the Cheyenne is a happy medium. This is all dependent on which size you choose though.

So there you go, another post on the books. Hopefully I'll get to some more recent makes soon, but as it's snowing here today, at least this one is seasonably appropriate. 😜