We Now Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Programming....

...to bring you the new denim source I mentioned in my last post: Threadbare Fabrics! Now before you get too excited, I should mention that it's not my new store, but I'm so excited about it, that it might as well be. Ha ha!

Threadbare Fabrics is a fantastic new LA based online fabric store, owned by my good friend Katie (you might know her from her gorgeous blog: Handmade Threads), and her dashing husband Jeremy. Right now they are specializing in the hard to find, but incredibly awesome Cone Mill's Denim, but they plan to expand to an even greater variety of handpicked garment fabrics in the near future.

While Katie and I have yet to meet in person, we have bonded through our blogs, Instagram and our common love of fabric and sewing. I discovered Katie on Instagram just under a year ago now, I think, probably looking at her Darling Ranges dress when I was thinking about making one for myself. (Do you guys do that before you buy/make a pattern? I always look patterns up by hashtag for inspiration and sometimes people talk about how the pattern fits and what not in the comments which is a big help. But I digress.)  I noticed that we both have similar tastes in patterns, and while she is quite a bit taller than me, our measurements are pretty close too (aren't we always looking for our sewing twin?).  We started chatting in the comments on Instagram and then on each other's blogs, and not long after that we started emailing each other these ridiculously long emails. It's mostly sewing talk, with a few bits and bites from our lives mixed in. And through all that we became friends.

When I first starting sewing (and even now) I was bursting with sewing talk, and I would chat to anyone who would listen (mostly John, my Mom and my sister) and watch as their eyes glazed over as I rattled on and on (well actually my Mom and John are really great about it). Anyway, it is so nice to be able to talk/write to someone who feels the same way about sewing as I do. I'm fairly shy, introverted and not overly social, so for me it's been great to make online friends within this fabulous community.

Anyway, Katie and I both talked about how cool it would be to have our own fabric stores, for me it's a pretty much a pipe dream, but for Katie it was a real and very possible dream). And now it's happening!! So of course because she is my friend, I want to do all I can to support her, which is why I'm writing this post. I think her shop is awesome, she is great at selecting fabrics, and if you are denim crazed like I am, I think you'll be happy to have a new source for awesome fabric to make beautiful jeans out of.

Today marks the Grand Opening of Threadbare Fabrics so Katie is offering a 15% off discount to kick things off. So if your interested (and no pressure at all if you're not), head over and enter DENIM15 at checkout.

Thanks everybody! I'll get back to the jeans posts tomorrow!