The Parade of Lindens

So I am not quite done with my Grainline obsession. After my emotionally (and sewjo) draining Rigel bomber, I decided I needed to make something quick and easy. So naturally, I went with some more Lindens. My first two get constant wear, and I had some comfy knits in the stash just itching to be sewn up. So I made 3 (well 4 including one I made for my Mom but I didn't get any photos of it). First off, I went with a beautiful Art Gallery knit that I bought ages ago from Imagine Gnats.


I wanted to do something a little bit different with the ribbing instead of a boring old matching navy/black, so I conferred with my design consultant (aka my husband) and he chose this mustard yellow ribbing I bought from It was a contender for the Rigel Bomber and I still wonder if it may have been better than the red, but who knows? I need to stop thinking about it already!


I also added a little more width to the neckband on this one, and I am happier with where it sits now. Less chance of bra strap exposure.


Apparently, I was having fun fooling around with the camera. If you have been wondering about Art Gallery knits, wonder no further. This one is super soft and spongy, and a dream to wear (I used the leftover bicycle print for the sleeves on the one I made my Mom and she loves it too). Plus after about 4 washes it hasn't faded one bit. I would definitely buy more, given the opportunity.

Next up, a tribal print white trimmed one.


I was a little bit worried about how this one would turn out - that the white would be too bright, but I actually really love it, and I think it looks really sharp. I just have to be careful not to dribble all over the cuffs and/or neckband, which I am very prone to do.


The main fabric is a cotton spandex knit from Girl Charlee. I think I originally bought it to make Hudsons out of, but for some reason I never did. And yay past me for a good decision because I think it is much more suited to a top.


I have found that Girl Charlee's cotton spandex/lycra knits are really nice, and this one is no exception. Buying fabric online can be tricky, but now that I've ordered from Girl Charlee a number of times I am kind of getting to know which of their knits I will like, and which I won't. For example I pretty much always love their sweater knits, their sweatshirt fleece, their denim, and their cotton spandex knits, but I am never happy with their "cotton jersey blends", or their ponte (it's a bit too thin for me).

And my third Linden (well 3rd in this post, but 5th for me all together) is a little lace front number.


A few seasons ago Anthropolgie was selling a lace front sweatshirt, and while I really liked it, I never bought it. I think I thought it was too expensive for what it was, but ever since then I have wanted a lace front top. I spotted this navy cotton lace at Walthamstow Market when we were in London last fall, and even thought I didn't have the pattern yet, this is exactly what I intended it to be (if I hadn't found Linden I probably would have used Renfrew).


The dark grey fabric is again from Girl Charlee (apparently I'm a Girl Charlee junkie) but the ribbing is actually from I didn't have ribbing that matched exactly so I went with contrast and I'm really happy with how it turned out.


The cotton lace is really soft and actually feels pretty durable. I like that I don't have to be constantly worried about snagging it.

Construction was super simple with all these guys. I used my serger to put them all together and my coverstitch machine to topstitch. Hooray for fast construction and no fitting! I love all three of these and I know that they will get a lot of wear.

Now for a question to all you sewing bloggers (and readers): do you blog about every item you make? Do you blog repeats and/or the staple items? I have been struggling about what to post and what not to post, as I don't want you readers to get bored, yet I want to make (and document) things I like and that I'll wear. What are your thoughts as a blogger and also as a reader?