The Summer of Washis Continues

Are you sick of hearing about this pattern yet? Good, cause I am definitely not sick of sewing it. I have plans for a few more. For this lovely dress, I used the Washi expansion pack to add a pointed Peter Pan collar and pointed cap sleeves, and I LOVE it! IMG_4619

I was in Fabricland the other day to buy some thread, and saw this adorable apple covered cotton and I just had to have it. It's a pale pink in the background and deliciously soft.  I decided to go with a black collar, so I used some black cotton batiste from my stash. I'd like to tell you that I came up with this combo all on my own, but I was inspired by this dress here.



I could probably get away without leggings with this one, but I think it looks really cute with my black espresso leggings too, so I know I will get a lot of wear out of this guy year round.

For this little baby, I went a size down, but it ended up being a little too tight across the bust, and it didn't fix my neckline problems. So my neckline is a little wonky especially when I am not standing up straight, which who am I kidding, is most of the time. So for my next Washi, I will have to bite the bullet and adjust the pattern.


Cutesy pose, for a cutesy dress! Sometimes its good to embrace the inner cuteness.


I am so in love with this dress! Neckline aside, I am super happy with how it turned out. I also learned a new lining technique sewing this version. The collar is attached and then the lining at the neck, and then you do this crazy inside out pulling thing, sew one armhole, then the other,  and voila, neckline and armholes finished. It's really quite ingenious, but I don't think I could have done it without Rae's amazing video tutorial. I am discovering that I am very much a visual learner. So that's it, third Washi complete!

Also, I feel like I should tell you that I have joined in the Summer Stash Bust by the Quirky Peach (isn't she adorable?), and also the Summer Sundress Sew-a-long by Handmade with Heather B (one of my favourite bloggers). I am really loving the sewing blogging community, so I was happy to find a couple of ways to connect with my fellow sewists.

The Summer Sundress Sew-al-ong is a great way to keep motivation and do some great summer sewing. My Washis all qualify, and I am anxious to get sewing some other sundresses I have planned, and excited to see what everyone else who has joined in sews.

As for the Summer Stash Bust, well that's another story. It really only requires one thing, but it's a really big thing: no buying any new fabric until September 21! September 21st!!! I have to sew only from the large amount of fabric I already own?!?!? (heavy breathing, panic and anxiety ensue - pass the paper bag).

Anyway, despite my apprehension, I know I need to do it. I have tons of beautiful fabric taking up all kinds of space all over the place, and I know my pocketbook will be happier too. Plus, if I sew up all the fabric in my stash (or most of it), then I'll have to buy more, right? Right? So I can't promise I'll make it, I mean September is super far away, but I will promise you that I am going to try. I even made sure to tell John about it, so he can hold me accountable. I do have to confess something though, on June 20th, I ordered some more knit fabric from Girl Charlee to pad out my stash (I had too, I NEED knits!). But that's it, no more! Wish me luck!