Walthamstow Market

On Saturday (May 3rd), we decided to head out to Walthamstow Market. I read that it is another good place to buy fabric, that there are lots of good deals, and that it is also a great big market on Saturdays. We took the tube there, and it took us about 30 minutes to get to Walthamstow Central station. From the tube station, it’s a short walk to the high street market. This market is huge! And it really seemed to have a little bit of everything. There was food, clothing (including underwear), shoes, pots and pans, various appliances, cell phones, electronics, all kinds of knick-knacks, jewelry and of course, fabric. Really there was a little bit of everything! The street was packed with people and seemed to go on forever!









There were tons of fabric stores and fabric stalls at this market. And lots and lots of good deals to be had. I got some gorgeous fabrics for £1 and £2 per metre. I think the most expensive piece of fabric I got was about £5 per metre. So I was happy, and by the end of the market, loaded down with fabric. Fabric is heavy!



One of the best market stalls, was the one in front of Sainsbury’s. The fabrics were beautiful and the guys there gave me some good deals. I even got a little bit more fabric than I requested because of end of the rolls. It was pretty awesome. I got some beautiful jersey knit and a couple of gorgeous patterned dress fabrics. I can’t wait to sew them up! One of my favourite shops on this market street was called Saeed Fabrics. I got a few things there, but a lot of it was a bit higher end. They had some really beautiful cottons and upholstery fabrics.

If you are ever in London and want to go to a bit of a different market, or if you love fabric like I do, I would definitely recommend heading to Walthamstow Market.