The day we went to Liberty (I think it was Wednesday April 30th to be exact), we had actually planned to take the tube out to Westfield Stratford City, but our plan came to a halt, when we ran into this: wpid-DSC_5337-2014-05-10-19-02.jpg

A closed tube station! Actually the whole line was closed due to a tube strike! Ughh!


We weren’t too distraught as the buses were still running, and we were just going to go out to Stratford to see what it was like. I suspect that it’s much like Westfield White City, but you never know…..and neither do we cause we never actually made it out there.

Anyway, we decided to change our plans and head to Liberty. I really wanted to go and drool over the fabric and haberdashery, and John wanted to look for a new sweater. So off on the number 10 bus, we went. (John has a really great app on his phone for the London buses, so he always knows the right way to go.) The bus is great! It’s a bit slower than going on the tube, but you have the advantage of seeing London while you are travelling. I really enjoy it to be honest. Here are a couple of pics for you:




I think I actually took these photos coming home from Liberty, rather than on our way. We were sitting right at the front on top which is the best view. Sorry for the bugs on the windshield, if I was a bit better with the photoshop, i would remove them, but I didn’t bother.

Anyway, on to Liberty. We looked around and found John a really nice sweater that he was happy with, and then it was up the stairs to the fabric. It was absolutely beautiful and crazy expensive!!




I ended up getting a couple pieces of Liberty cotton that I absolutely love, but I have no idea how I will work up the nerve to cut into them! I also found an adorable little pin cushion that followed us home.


After Liberty, we grabbed some lunch at Garfunkel’s and then headed out to Oxford Street to catch the bus. While we were walking to our bus stop, we passed by McCulloch & Wallis, another fabric store that I had read about. I had read that it is really big (3 floors), and that the staff can be quite rude and snotty, so my hopes weren’t too high. We ended up only checking out the main floor (there are three) and found the staff to be very nice and quite helpful. It was a bit on the pricey side (although not nearly as pricey as Liberty), but we ended up finding 2 really quite printed cottons we couldn’t leave behind.


So ya, this trip has had a lot of fabric shopping! I can’t believe how much fabric shopping there is here.